As many know tattoo artists aren’t the easiest to get ahold of. Balancing work and admin work isn’t something you think about as a vital part of being a successful tattoo artist. The art is the focus, but the organization of communication and bookings are just as important.

SC Inc. would like to introduce you to our new team member. Welcome Erin at 1066 Solutions to Team 7!

Erin, will be taking on the role of Studio Assistant for Tatiana and I. I met Erin at Bushido Tattoo when I first began my Tattoo Collecting. Back then she was already running the show keeping everyone at the shop organized and running smooth. Jump forward years later and Erin runs her own Personal Assistant Company, 1066 Solutions.

We are currently finishing up setting Erin up with our work flow systems. She will be taking over the Studio Calls and Information, Bookings & Appointment Confirmations. With her many years of experience in the Tattoo industry we hope be able to work together and give you a simpler and smoother process of getting in touch with our Team for all your Tattoo needs. Erin is the perfect fit for our Team at Studio Cong inc. and we’re lucky to have her join us.

Thank you for the continued support from the SC Gang and welcome Erin to the squad!